6th Grade: In class today you will be working with a neighbor to read through the grading policy for class. After that you are going to take a survey about how you use technology in your daily life. Finally, I will show you how to save your work to the right folder for me to grade.

7th Grade: Today in class you will be completing a short questionnaire about how you use technology in your everyday life. In addition we will go over a few internet safety tips and answer a few questions about how you would handle certain web situations.

8th Grade: We will be discussing technology and the rate that it is developing in our world. Is it good or bad for the human race? We are going to be watching a video from YouTube called "Shift Happens" and discussing some key questions that beg to be answered. When you are watching the video keep in mind that every piece of media (newspaper articles, blogs, movies, songs, etc.) is written with a purpose. Today we will try to uncover the author's purpose for creating this video?

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