Thursday, May 1, 2008


internet service provider a company who provides access to the world wide web

Today in class you will begin your Apple iPod Inspiration web. All of the information that you need can be gotten from this website. Here is an example of a finished web. Use the finished example to guide your work. The directions for this assignment can be found here. Make sure you focus on entering the information (copy and paste from Apple's website) as quickly as possible. If you get stuck ask Mr. Gonzalez for help.

7th: Today in class read the article "The Internet: What's All The Fuss?" and answer questions 1-15 using Microsoft Word. Please type the questions in black and the answers in red text.

8th: Continue working on your Scratch animation and remember that it is due on Friday by the end of the day. Some of you really have some work ahead of you . Click here to see what each block does and use this help section if you would like to see a few tricks with the blocks displayed. Remember to use the projects that have already been created to help you create yours. You have to use the resources to get moving if you are having trouble. There is also a link to the Scratch homepage in the right margin under 8th grade links.

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