Tuesday, April 28, 2008

6th: After you finish with your test today please check out some of these articles about new developments in technology: touch screen coffee table Vudu movie box Could this be the future of Personal Computers

7th: It's time to link up our slides to our game board using the hyperlink feature in PowerPoint. If you finish early I would like you to create a daily double for one question in each category. You can use a video or picture clue. Be creative. Here is an example of each. When searching for video clues try to find animated gif pictures instead of full length videos. Use google images to find what you need. When you add it to PowerPoint use insert-->movies and sounds-->movie from file.

8th: I am going to go over in class today how to create a simple animation using the Scratch program. Start out by looking to the right under the 8th grade links section and checking out the how to use scratch link

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