Monday, May 5, 2008


search engine A program that searches the world wide web for a requested topic and links you to the results of its search.

If you haven't finished your Apple web you can use today's class to get that finished and get caught up. If you have finished, I would like you to create a PowerPoint about yourself focusing on using solid colored backgrounds with a text color that can be seen. Also, see if you can figure out how to make your slides change automatically without having to click the mouse.

7th: Today we are going to begin our second in-class assignment which is to create a flyer for a fictional event. The purpose of a flyer is to inform the public of something e.g. an event or grand opening. The event you are creating a flyer for is the grand opening of the new store "Crazy Eddie's". Crazy Eddie's is a store that is going to sell nothing but big screen tv's at great prices. The program that we are going to use for this assignment is MS Publisher which is specifically used to create publications like flyers. Here are some examples of flyers for various grand openings. Here is the rubric for this assignment. Today we will start to take care of some of the specifics: store location (street, city, state, zip code), the date of the grand opening, three one- day only deals and the store hours. We may talk about creating a slogan as well. Here are some popular examples.

8th: Continue working on your animations today in class using this rubric as a guide for your finished product.

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