Thursday, May 22, 2008

virus a program that disrupts the normal operation of a computer

Today we will transfer our notes from Microsoft Word to PowerPoint and add pictures to the slides (remember what we talked about when using PowerPoint and put it to use). If you have somehow forgotten from yesterday...I have moved the test to Tuesday of next week. This means that we will review on Friday and have the weekend to study. The vocabulary quiz will be on Tuesday with the test.

7th: Today is the day that you get to show off your Scratch skills to the class. Remember...we will be voting in class for the projects and the one that garners the most votes will be put onto the Scratch website for all of eternity.

8th: Today in class we are going to be working with the program Audacity. It is a free download and quite a nice little program if I do say so myself. If you don' t have any audio click here and copy and paste those three audio files into your webpage folder.

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