Friday, September 3 (EVEN)

6th:  Today's vocabulary word is CPUA CPU is the Central Processing Unit in your computer.  It's what makes your computer work.  Today we will continue our detective work using keyboard shortcuts.  We will be having a quiz on this material within the next couple of weeks.

7th:  Today in class we will continue to work on our Inspiration webs that we started on Wednesday.  If you need a refresher on Inspiration check out the YouTube channel which has some short tutorials.  I have decided to give you an extra class to work on the webs so you will have Wednesday's class of next week as well.  I will let you know when those should be finished.  Remember to include all of the following information.

8th:  Time for some action!  Today we get started writing our podcast scripts.  To get started you will be reading a short article about what to consider when writing your scripts.  Also, you can take a look at the rubric for the assignment so you will know what to include in your script.  Have a look at the list of what makes a podcast a "good" podcast.  You will have two time blocks in school to write your script and also time outside of school.  Don't forget that we will be having a quiz on Wednesday of next week on Podcasts.  The review guide will be the answers that I gave to you in Wednesday's blog entry.  You should also know some of the characteristics that make a podcast "good".

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