Wednesday, December 22nd

6th:  Today is the last day to work on your MS Publisher assignment to create a grand opening flyer for the store "Insane Eddies".  Before you finish, be sure to check the rubric and make sure you have each of the parts of the assignment.  If you finish early, scroll down to the 8th grade section and participate in a survey I'm conducting regarding technology in the classroom.

7th:  Today in class you will continue to work on your FAQ page.  Be sure to check out the requirements for that page before you start working.  If you finish early, add some extras to your page such as extra questions, music, background color, etc.  You can also choose to help another student in class who is having trouble if you finish everything.  Please remember that if you are behind with your site you should be saving it to a flash drive and bringing it home over break.  When you return, I will expect that your index, about us, and FAQ page will be complete.  We will be starting something new after break.

8th:  Throughout the year, I talk/e-mail with your teachers about various technologies/websites and how they can be used in the classroom to enhance your learning experience.  Today I would like to get your opinion on some of these technology tools and how they can be used by students and teachers as well.  Your assignment is to check out the websites below and the tools that they offer students/teachers.  While you are on the site you should think about how that tool could be used by students and also how teachers could use that tool to help students learn.

Here is an example, the website Brainpop is a great resource for students and teachers.  The purpose of the site is to allow you to watch short, simple videos on common school subjects.  Teachers can use this site to introduce a topic to a class by way of video.  Students can use the site to learn more about topics related to what they are learning about in school.  It is also a great site to review concepts that you have learned and forgotten.

After reviewing a tool, head over to the survey questions and share your opinion.  You should be able to visit at least three sites during class today.  If you have time, you can explore further at that point.  For each website you should complete the survey questions.  In other words, if you visit three sites you should fill out the survey three times.  Thanks for your feedback and I look forward to sharing this information with your teachers.

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