Friday, February 11th (Odd Day)

6th: To start class we will be looking over your homework and then talking about local and network hard drives as well as save versus save as.  Don't forget we have a quiz next week on Tuesday.  The study guide is available on the web so you can access it from home on the class website.

Before we get started, you will need to take out your homework and also write in your agenda to study for Tuesday's quiz.

7th:  Today in class we will be completing a round robin activity where everyone will get a chance to see everyone else's web.  It will be fast-paced and exciting but the idea is really to get more feedback and ideas from your classmates.  I'm sure you've heard the expression that two heads are better than one...so how about twenty something heads?  I will quickly explain what we are doing and then we will get underway.

8th:  For the first ten to fifteen minutes of class I would like you to pair up with someone and review the blog sites that you visited and reviewed for homework.  While you are reviewing the information, bring up the site on your computer so that your partner can see what you saw.

For the second half of class, you will be reviewing some award winning blogs to look at the characteristics that they possess.  You will be using the same paper as you did for your homework but there have been a few changes.  After you have completed the handout you will need to categorize each quality as being something that all blogs have, some blogs have or no blogs have.  For example, if you found that each blog you visited had links on them then you would include "links" in the category of all blogs because all blogs have links.  If you do not finish categorizing the 15 blog qualities you will finish it for HW.

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