Tuesday, February 8th (Even Day)

6th:  On Friday of last week, we learned how to create a new folder and then used that skill to organize our W drives by creating a new folder for each class e.g. math, language arts, science, etc.  To start class, you will finish organizing your W drive with new folders as well as moving your old files into the appropriate folder.

After that, I would like you to add to your notes from Friday of last week and include the words cut, copy and paste.
cut: Copies a file or folder.  Deletes the original file/folder.

copy:  Copies a file or folder.  Leaves the original file/folder.

paste:  Moves a copied or cut file/folder to a new place.

After adding these words to your notes I would like you to practice using cut, copy and paste using this video as a guide.  You can work with a partner but please make sure that you each get a chance to try these functions.  I would also like you to practice renaming a file in your W drive as well.  If you do not know how to rename a file you can watch this video from my YouTube channel.  

Lastly, I would like you to practice the shortcuts for cut, copy and paste and add them to your notes.  I will tell you which letters you will have to use but I will let you figure out which one is which.  The keyboard shortcuts are: CTRL + X, CTRL + C, and CTRL + V.  When you figure out which is which, include this information in your notes.

For homework tonight, I would like you to write a short paragraph explaining the difference between cut and copy.  Include an example in your paragraph to support your answer.

7th:  Continue to work on your Inspiration webs from Friday of last week.  At the end of today's class if you are not finished with your webs you will need to work on the content at home for homework and then add it to your web at the start of Thursday's class.
For example, if you didn't include a paragraph about your company in your Inspiration web by the end of class today, you will need to type it at home and bring it in for Thursday on your flash drive, or you can e-mail it to yourself or however else you can get it done so that you can add it to your web when you come back to class on Thursday.  You will only have half the time block on Thursday to add this information and then I will be coming around to check your web and see that it is complete.  If you have any questions be sure to ask me via e-mail or stop by my room before Thursday's class. 

8th:  Today in class we are going to take a quiz on blogs and then take a more in depth look at how blogs are setup also known as blog structure.  For the first five minutes of class you can take out your notes and get a quick review in before we begin.

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