Monday, March 14th (Even Day)

6th:  Today in class you will continue to work on the MS Word Biography Assignment if you haven't already finished it.  If you did finish, print it out to the HP Color LaserJet 4700.  For those of you who  are ready to move onto the next assignment check out the MS Word Assignment Part as well as a completed song list page before you get underway!
Here are some of the other resources that you may require:

7th:   Today in class you will need to save your business card to the in bin for grading.  We will also be starting to take notes on what I call Web Vocabulary as we gear up to start creating our websites.

Here are some other resources that you may require:

8th:  Today is our last day working with blogging so you can use it to tie up some loose ends such as finishing up a graded post, commenting on other blogs, reading the comments posted to your blog or even creating a third entry. 

Here are some resources you may require:

Blogging policy
Blog Entry Rubric

Here are the links to your blogs:

Even Time Block 3
Even Time Block 4

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