Thursday, March 17th (Odd Day)

6th:  Today in class we will begin the MS Word Assignment Part 3.  For this assignment you will be creating a photo gallery of images in Microsoft Word.  It is very important to read over the directions so you know what you need to include in your finished photo page.  Be sure to check out the new MS Word videos on the class YouTube Channel to help you with the assignment.
Here are the resources that you will need:

7th:   Today in class we will be reviewing your notes on Web Vocabulary as we gear up to start creating our websites.  We will also be completing a guided reading activity which is an introduction to the HTML coding language. 

Remember that we have a quiz coming up on the web vocabulary on March 23rd which is next Wednesday.

8th: Today we begin our second unit which is digital storytelling.  The purpose of today's class will be to introduce you to the idea of digital storytelling including what it is, why it's used and some of the tools associated with it.  You will be working with a partner to complete a few questions that will help you to organize the information that you find while reading and viewing a video.  To get started we will be jotting down a few ideas that we already have about digital storytelling.

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