Wednesday, March 23rd (Odd Day)

6th:  Today is the last day to work on the MS Word Assignment in class.  After today, you will need to complete this assignment at home, attend homework club or come in during lunch to finish up.  If you are completely finished with all four parts, you can move on to the extension assignment which is to create a flyer for the yearbook sale.  You should use the skills that we developed during our last four assignments to create a great-looking flyer in MS Word.  You must include the following information in order to have your flyer put up around school:

  • Price:  $26
  • Time Frame:  From now until the books arrive in May
  • Students can give their yearbook money to Mr. O, the front office or their homeroom teacher
  • Forms are available in the cafe and on Edline
  • Yearbooks can be ordered online using the link on Edline
  • Appropriate pictures (e.g. pictures of yearbooks, students)
  • A tagline like "Don't miss out on this year's memories" or "These memories will last a lifetime!"

Here are the resources that you will need:

7th:   Today in class, we will be first taking the web vocabulary quiz.  When you are finished with the quiz you can review your answers to the HTML Exploration worksheet from Friday of last week.  Finally, you will reading about HTML Tags and how they are structured or written.  In order to better understand what you are reading, complete the question handout that accompanies the reading.

8th:   Your homework after the last class was to get started on Mindomo by creating your account watching the video titled "Getting Started".  Today in class you will be getting started with your Mindomo web in order to get your thoughts and ideas down on "paper" for your digital story.  What is your topic?  What pictures will you include?  What will be the mood of your story?  The purpose of your brainstorming web is to get all of your thoughts and ideas about your story down in one place before we start to storyboard.

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