Tuesday, April 26th (Even Day)

6th:   Today we will be starting our second and final PowerPoint project.  For this project you will be creating a Jeopardy game board. Before you get started, I will be pairing you up into groups and then it will be time to start creating some questions and answers.

7th:   Today in class you will be working with a neighbor (or individually if you prefer) to learn some of the formatting codes for HTML text.  You have already learned some of the basics such as <b> for bold and <u> for underline but there are many other ways to change the appearance of text on a webpage.  Complete the following questions in order to have some notes on what you read.
After completing the HTML text reading and notes you should move on to the second HTML assignment.

8th:   At this point, you should have the following for your digital story:
  • Images saved to your W drive
  • completed storyboard with narration
  • music for your story
The next step is to create the slides for your story using PowerPoint so that you can merge the images with the narration.  The PhotoStory program will allow you to use text over images but it is too difficult to read so we will be creating a special section for the text using PPT.  Check out this short tutorial on how to complete this task using PowerPoint.

If you haven't selected your music yet you will need to do that ASAP.  In order to use the Free Play Music website you should watch the video tutorial on how to select and download music.

Remember that your stories need to be between 3 to 5 minutes which means you will need between 18 to 30 slides in PhotoStory.

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