Monday, May 9th (Odd Class)

6th:   Today we will continue to work on creating the game board and linking up the questions:

Creating Category Boxes for Game Board
Creating Point Value Boxes for Game Board
Creating Hyperlinks to Question Slides
Extension 1:  Add pictures to your answer slides that represent the answers.  For example...if the answer to the question is Derek Jeter you can include an image of Derek Jeter on the answer slide with the answer.

Extension 2:  Embed a YouTube video into your PPT for one of your questions.

7th:   Today in class we will be learning about hyperlinks.  At this point you should have your four buttons created ("About Us", "Contact Us", "Products", and "Home").

Here are some resources you may require:

8th:  Today we will be watching some of the completed digital stories that have been completed.  The stories are in the same folder where you saved them.

Remember that your stories need to be between 3 to 5 minutes which means you will need between 18 to 30 slides in PhotoStory.

Completed photostories should be saved as .wmv files.  They should be saved into the v drive---computer class folder---8th grade---in bin---class name.  They should be saved as your last name.

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