Wednesday, May 17th (Even Day)

6th:  Today in class we will be completing a performance based CFA for MS Excel so that I can see which skills we already possess and which skills we will need to learn.
7th:  At this point, everyone should be working on the About Us page Assignment.  If you need to stay after school to work on your homepage (index.html), I will be available on Thursday until 3:45.  Please let me know if you plan to stay.

8th:  Today is the last day to work on your video tutorial.  It is due at the end of class today in the in bin on the v drive.  Please save the file as your last name.  If you have a web link you can save a shortcut to the weblink in the folder as your last name.  Now that you have your step by step walk-through for your tutorials, it is time to create the actual video.  For this video we will be using a screen-cast program online called screencastomatic.
In order to walk your viewer through the steps of your tutorial you will need to use the steps that you created in your video.  I would use MS Word to show the steps although I know that other students have used sticky notes on their desktop.  However you choose to include your steps, you should have a finished product that looks something like this.  
NOTE:  When recording your screen-cast you should use the "small HD" setting in the recording window.  Otherwise, if you record full screen the video file size will be very large.

After you have completed your tutorial and you are ready to save it, you will need to save it as follows:

1.  Click on export movie
2.  Select "Windows Media Player (AVI)" for the type
3.  Click on Export and then save your file to the W drive with an appropriate file name (e.g. How to Copy and Paste Tutorial)

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