Tuesday, June 7th (Odd Day)

6th:  Today we will be begin our last project which is to plan a class party using Stop & Shop's Peapod online.  View this tutorial on how to use Stop and Shop's PeaPod and don't forget to check out the shopping list before you get started.

7th:   Today we will continue to work on our website pages including the products page.  If you are further along and would like to work with someone in class to help them catch up that would be great.  There will not be any more new assignments between now and the end of the year.  At this point we only have a couple more classes to finish up the sites.  Your last homework of the year is going to be to bring home your websites on a flash drive so that you can share them with a family member.  If you do not have a flash drive, you will need to borrow one or get one by the end of the week.
Contact Us Page Assignment

8th: Today you will be editing your motion photos from last week's class.  We will also be printing out the macro shots that we took in addition to the motion shots that we are editing.  We will be using Picnik again to edit these photos.

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