6th: Before we get started with anything we are going to take a short quiz about some of the things that we have talked about this week. After we finish the quiz, we are going to set up our technology notebook using the following sites. The first word that we are going to enter is technology.

7th: Great discussion yesterday! I was very impressed with how mature some of your thinking was regarding some very tricky situations. Today we are going to start class with a quick five question quiz. When finished, you can use any extra time to read articles on the web. When everyone is done we will continue with our discussion of copyright and continue on to David Pogue's "The Generational Divide in Copyright Morality". If you brought in your packet signed please put it into the bin on the back table.

8th: Good job with the webs yesterday in class. One thing that I picked up on was that some of you are giving up to easily when you're looking for the information. You cannot wait for knowledge to come to you, you have to obtain it. To start today we are going to take a short five question quiz. Follow the directions closely and you will do fine. After the quiz, we are going to check out some of the websites that were made by students here at SMS as well as some sites which were put together by students from another school. Ultimately, our goal today is to determine what makes one website better than another. If you brought back the packet I gave you yesterday please put it into the bin on the back table for five points on today's quiz.

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