6th: After reading this post you should open up your PowerPoint from Friday and finish the assignment. If you finish early, you can add a background color or design as well as change some of the coloring of the text and do some formatting such as WordArt. I will be looking to see who knows how to do what while I'm walking around the room. After about ten minutes we are going to talk more in detail about the parts of the computer and I will show you the various parts. At the end of this week we are going to have a test on the parts of the computer both inside and out as well as how computers store data and the bits and bytes that make up that data.

7th: Start out by taking fifteen minutes to finish up your flyer. If you finish early go back and look over your work. Things to consider...Did you make the important parts stand out (text, pictures, etc.)? Did you use all of the space for your flyer wisely (is your text/graphics too small or big)? Did you use colors that complement each other? After about fifteen minutes I am going to pair you up with someone else in class and you are going to use the rubric to give each other a grade(This is so you can fix anything that needs fixing, your grade will be based on my grading). For the last few minutes of class I am going to have you make adjustments and submit your work. When I give you time to edit your work with a peer I expect you to use it properly and not be off task.

8th: Start out by finishing up your web. If you think you are done, go back and proofread or add content. I am sure that there is something you can add or develop further. Make sure your paragraph about your company is complete. A paragraph by definition is five to six sentences and I expect that your paragraphs will meet this condition. After about fifteen minutes I am going to pair you up with someone in class who is going to look at your web and make suggestions. Each suggestion should be in a yellow bubble so I know it was added during editing. You need at least two suggestions. I will go over some examples. At the end of class you will submit these webs for a grade.

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