6th: To start we are going to go over the answers to last night's homework. Once we finish we will read about the bits and bytes that make up the binary language of the computer. After reading this page we are going to complete a bits and bytes activity. Tonight you get a break from homework but be sure to keep all of your work in a safe place because we are going to use the worksheets you've completed as study guides for Friday's test.

7th: Today we are going to learn to use a program called Inspiration. I will show you the basics and give you time to explore some of the other options on your own in a mini assignment. Starting tomorrow we will be using this program to gather information about the four different iPods for a PowerPoint that we are going to create when we come back from break.

8th: After you finish peer editing your Inspiration webs, you are going to submit them for a grade so that I can give you some feedback before break. Next, I am going to introduce you to a program called Scratch which was developed by MIT. At first you will find it difficult to manipulate but once you get comfortable you are going to love this program and best of all it's free so you can download it at home and play with it or work on your animation over break. We are going to be using this program to create an animated introduction to our website which will be the first page that will be seen when someone visits your page.

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