Thomas Edison Middle School (TEMS)

I'm still at Thomas Edison and I'm definately developing some great new ideas for how we can use our technology resources at Seymour Middle School. The school is grades 6-8, same as ours, however every student in the school carries a laptop with them at all times. When I walked in this morning, it took me a little white to get used to the sight of every student in the hallway carrying around a $700 notebook but I've since adjusted. When the students come into class they open them right up and get started. They use them to take notes, submit e-mails to their teachers, view assignments and browse the web. It's really pretty amazing. Every night they take them home to do their homework or use personally, as long as they have an internet connection at home, and they also have to charge them for use the next day. If the students don't bring their computers into school they use desktops set up in the classroom or use good old fashioned paper. When I get home I am going to upload some photos of the classrooms and other parts of the school. Hope all is going well back at SMS...see you tomorrow!!!

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