As I mentioned yesterday, I will be at Thomas Edison Middle School today talking with some of their teachers and discussing technology use in the classroom.

6th Grade: If you didn't hand in your worksheet yesterday please put it into the bin on the back table. Today in class I would like you to find definitions for some of the parts inside the computer. When you are finished save your work to your W drive. If you finish early here are some game sites that you can visit: Lemonade Stand, Band Manager and Moneyopolis.

7th Grade: Begin working on your "Insane Eddie's" grand opening flyer. Remember to use the rubric we went over yesterday to guide your work. Be creative and have fun!!!

8th Grade: Begin working on your website Inspiration web. Remember what we talked about yesterday concerning the content of your website. It should be understandable, well detailed, informative and interesting. Keep this in mind when you are completing your webs. The more effort you put into your web now the easier your websites will be to design later.

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