All classes will begin today's time block by taking this short ten question quiz about Mardi Gras to see how much you learned in the past two days.

6th: Today's tech talk word is HARDWARE. When finished with the technology notebook you should go to this site. As a class we are going to read about the Outer Hardware of the computer. After our discussion you are going to complete a handout about what we read.

7th: Today we are going to begin our first in-class assignment which is to create a flyer for a fictional event. The purpose of a flyer is to inform the public of something e.g. an event or grand opening. The event you are creating a flyer for is the grand opening of the new store "Insane Eddie's". Insane Eddie's is a new store that is going to sell nothing but big screen tv's at great prices. The program that we are going to use for this assignment is MS Publisher which is specifically used to create publications like flyers. Here are some examples of flyers for various grand openings. Here is the rubric for this assignment.

Today we are going to resume our discussion about what makes a website a good one. Revisit this site and look back over some of the information. Use that information to select one site from the following pages. In MS Word past the URL from the site you think is a good one and write a short paragraph about why you selected the site that you did. When finished open up this Inspiration web which you will use as a template for your website. Save the web to your W drive and begin working on filling in the information.

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