Today is an X-1 flex day with a Philly meeting for flex. If you are going to Philly then you cannot come during flex today. 6th and 7th graders are welcome to sign up today to use the lab. The marking period ends April 4th so make sure you hand in any work that you owe me before then.

6th: We are going to begin using Microsoft Excel which is a spreadsheet program. To start class I would like you to find a definition for Spreadsheet and put it into your technology notebook. Before we get starting using Excel, we are going to review the test from Thursday. If you didn't take the test on Thursday you are going to take it today in class. Lastly, we need to collect some data to put into Excel so we are going to be conducting a classroom survey to find out everyone's favorite colors.

7th: We are going to be checking out the animations from last week and voting on which one should represent the class on the blog. There will be one Red Team representative and one Blue Team representative. I will go over the criteria for how to rate each animation before we get started. If we have any time left over, I would like you to use this site to do some reading on the three candidates for the 2008 Presidential Election for our next project which is going to involve creating a campaign advertisement.

8th: We are going to be working on our homepages again today and when you are finished you can move onto your products page. Tomorrow I will be going over tables for any one who is ready to move onto some new code and Thursday I will talk about audio and video. If you are stuck make sure you look back at my homepage code to help you finish up your homepage. I will be checking to see that your homepage is complete by the end of class on Wednesday. The rubric is here. My homepage coding is here.

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