Today is X-4 so there will not be anyone coming for flex today.

6th: I will give you about ten minutes to review your notes and ask questions before we begin the test. The test is going to be paper and pen/pencil so you can hand it in when you are done. If you finish early check out this site (CNN.com technology section). There are some interesting articles about technology pick one that you are interested in and learn something new.

7th: Today is the last day in class to finish up your animations. Remember that there is help available to you if you are stuck and I am working with someone else. This help section will even tell you how to create some of the animations that you are trying to create. If you are stuck for an idea, check out some of the completed projects (like we did for the names) and see how they did what they did.

8th: Due to the fact that there have been so many people out and everyone could stand a refresher I am going to be doing a lot up front today. I anticipate this will catch some people up and help some of you who are a little unsure about just how to get that box to become a picture or that cool text graphic to become a link, etc. Here is the rubric for your homepage.

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