Today is X-4 so the lab will be closed during flex today.

6th: Today we are going to finish up the class party project together using AutoSum, Merge and Center and some more formulas. Lastly, we are going to answer a few questions by graphing some of our data. Tomorrow you are going to be on your own making a Mess O' Mousse with the help of Excel.

7th: Day two of our research on our candidates. Continue to read about your presidential hopeful taking in as much information as possible. Ask yourself...how can I best showcase my candidate? Whatever the answer make sure you plan for it in your PowerPoint. By the end of class today you should be entering some information into your Inspiration web and gathering pictures. YOU SHOULD NOT BE USING POWERPOINT TODAY. We will begin the commercial tomorrow.

8th: Continue with your products and frequently asked questions pages. Other ideas for pages when you finish: Location/Directions (Mapquest has a step-by-step), a links page (links to other companies selling similar items), a page to sign-up for a mailing list (use chapter 9 in the book) or create another page based on something specific to your company like a video section, etc.

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