Today is X-3 for flex and the lab will be open for you to come in and make up work if you are missing anything.

6th: We are going to complete another Excel activity today but this time we are going to use formulas in some of the cells. The assignment is called "Class Party". Open up your notes from yesterday because we have one more word that we're going to add.

7th: Now that you have your candidate selected it's time to start researching to find out more about them. Use the resources page of the webquest to link to the websites that I have set up for you. REMEMBER YOU MUST USE AT LEAST THREE WEBSITES!!! When you find some info. make sure you put into your own words into the web. Believe me I will know whether you did this or not. Researching your candidate should take you about two days including today.

8th: Today is Wednesday which means that I need to see your homepage by the end of class today if I haven't already given you a grade. If you are not finished by the end of today I will grade you based on what you have. I have noticed that many of you are not using any resources (notes, books in the back, links on the blog, etc.) to help you when you get stuck, which is unacceptable. If you need help making something work you should be 1. looking over your code to check for errors (or have someone else check) or 2. using one of the resources I mentioned above. Several of you are making simple mistakes (like not putting an end tag or not putting a caret at the end of a tag, spelling src as scr, etc.) and calling me over to fix it for you. You must proofread your code for errors when someting isn't working.

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