Friday, April 25, 2008

home page the first page of a website

In class today we are going to talk about bits and bytes and the role they play in the binary language (the language the computer speaks). Near the end of class you will have time to print out your PowerPoint notes on the Parts of the Computer as well as your vocabulary from your technology notebook for Monday's test.

7th: Today we are going to create the game board for our Jeopardy PowerPoint. After we set up the squares and hyperlinks we are going to export (send out) the content from the Inspiration webs and open it as new slides in PowerPoint. If there is any time left, you will get a chance to change the colors of your game board and choose new fonts.

8th: We are going to continue to create graphics for our website today moving onto buttons. I am also going to have you view the logos you created yesterday and your new buttons on a colored background to see what they will look like so you can pick what graphics you like and make changes to your color scheme if needed. The buttons that you need to create are going to be called Home, FAQ, Products (or services depending on your company) & About Us. Your logo and your buttons are due at the end of the day today into the V drive. I want you to put the logo you choose and the four buttons into a folder and submit that folder as your last name.

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