Thursday, April 24, 2008

hard copy a printed version of something created on a computer

For the first half of class we are going to finish creating the PowerPoints that we started yesterday in class. If you finish early you can format your work (change fonts, colors, background colors, font styles, WordArt for the vocabulary words, etc.). The second half of class we are going to begin talking about the computer's language which is made up of bits and bytes.

7th: Now that we have our content (questions) for our Jeopardy PowerPoint it is time to start creating the layout. To do this we are going to be using the drawing tools in PowerPoint as well as the hyperlink function. Today's class will be a lot of following directions and watching what I do up front so make sure you are staying on task and ask a question if you get stuck.

8th: Today in class we are going to talk about graphic text vs. text as well as choosing a color scheme for you site. To start...open up word and put today's date at the top so you can take a few notes.

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