Thursday, May 8, 2008

web surfing traveling through cyberspace (being online)

We will continue to explore how to setup the PowerPoint presentations for Stevie J. Today we will talk about finding pictures that are the correct size and also how to format a picture. I am also going to talk about font size and color. I do not want to see any WordArt for this presentation. There is a time and place for WordArt but this presentation is not it.

7th: As I mentioned yesterday we will have a shortened time block today due to your field trip. With the time you have I would like you to finish your Crazy Eddie project. Be sure to check the rubric before you submit your work. If you don't finish during class you can use the flex block when you get back to complete the assignment.

8th: At this point you should have your color scheme, logo, buttons and animation finished. If you don't you need to schedule time to come into the lab. Today we will take our first look at HTML and what it is all about. Tomorrow we will take some notes and use some simple codes. Monday you will have a quiz on the terms and definitions that we go over today and tomorrow. Please take these next two days seriously. What we cover now will be the foundation for what we cover later.

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