Wednesday, May 14, 2008

website a collection of web pages

Today in class we are going to:
  • Finish the iPod PowerPoint
  • Read "Video Games for the Young at Heart" and discuss
7th: Today in class you are going to:
  • Learn a few more tricks using Scratch
  • Meet with your partners and discuss your project choice (start if time allows)
  • Submit a completed project selection form for your "team" by the end of class
8th: We got off to a great start yesterday getting the home page off the ground and putting some HTML codes to use (you are officially graphic designers as of yesterday). Today we will put the logo onto the home page as well as the paragraph about the company and a placeholder for the buttons that you created using CoolText. If time allows we will move on to adding a horizontal rule and some copyright information at the bottom of the page. You will need your color codes again today so open up that document before we get started.

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