Tuesday, May 13, 2008

web page a document on the world wide web

Tomorrow will be the last day to work on the iPod PowerPoint project in class. We will be adding some automatic slide transitions to our presentation today so that the slides change after a certain amount of time. If you finish early check out the extensions for the assignment here. Remember what we talked about...consistency, consistency, consistency!!!

7th: Day number two using Scratch. Some of you definitely made some advancements on your own yesterday exploring the program and some of you used the time a little less efficiently. Today we will review some of the looks, sound, pen, sensing and control blocks. At the end of the timeblock I will tell you your partners and I will review your choices for the project and show you some examples.

8th: We will have a shortened time block today due to the Spring Concert preview. With the twenty minutes we are going to begin to create the home page for our sites beginning with the document structure tags. You will need your background color code so get started by opening up that word document.

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