Monday, September 13th (ODD)

6th:  Today's vocabulary word is application.  An application is a program on your computer that allows you to do something (e.g. surf the web, write a letter, draw a picture).  What do you think would be an example of an application on your computers here at school?  Today in class we will be talking about the inside of the computers

After we enter today's word into our technology notebook we will be watching a YouTube video on the inside of the computer.

If we have time: Activity 1 & Activity 2

7th:  Now that your webs are complete we will be sharing with the rest of the class.  I call it the "carousel" activity...you'll see why in a few minutes.

8th:  Start class today by checking your score on the quiz and also your other two assignments to this point (survey, podcast questions):

Timeblock 3 Class (click on image to enlarge)

Timeblock 4 Class (click on image to enlarge)

For the rest of the class you can work on your podcast script.  Keep in mind that today is the last class period we will be working on these and they should be complete for the start of class on Wednesday.

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