Wednesday, September 15th (ODD)

6th:  Today's vocabulary word is download.  To download something means to take it (e.g. program, song, photo) from the web and put it on your computer.  After you put today's vocabulary word into your notebook, talk with a neighbor about today's word.  Have you ever downloaded something onto your computer?  Can anything bad happen when we download from the web?

Today in class we will continue to talk about the inside of the computer.  Let's see how much we remember: Activity 1 & Activity 2

Keyboard Shortcut Quiz

7th:  Company idea...done.  Company web...done.  What's next?  A logo of course!  We need to create a design that can be recognized worldwide.  I will be showing you up front how we can do that using a program called sumo paint.  Sounds funny but it's a really powerful web program and best of all it's free!!!  While you are exploring the program today, be sure to check out our diigo account for some short tutorials on how to use the program.

8th:  Time to record!  If you have your script complete you will be recording in class today using Audacity.  While you are waiting for a laptop, you can search for some music to use in your podcast.  For your intro and outro, I would like you to use royalty free music from Freeplay Music's website.  If you plan on using commercial music (i.e. music on the radio) you will need to bring that music into school on a flash drive.

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