Friday, February 25th (Odd Day)

6th:  Today in class we will be gathering notes from the Rolling Stone biographies that you read for homework.  You will be using the Microsoft Word notes organizer to complete these notes.  If you finish before the class ends, you can also use Wikipedia as your second source and complete a new notes organizer for that information.

Here are the resources that were linked from Wednesday's blog entry:

Notes organizer

7th:  Today is the last time block that you will have to work on the Company Logo Assignment in class.  By the start of Tuesday's class next week, you should have both part 1 and 2 completed and saved into the correct "in bin" folder for your time block.  
Here are the resources that were linked in Wednesday's blog entry:

8th:  Today in class you will be reviewing a peer's blog entry on KidBlog in order to help them revise it before publishing.  Check out the blog entry rubric to see what each entry should absolutely include before being published.

If you need help doing something on KidBlog, check out the KidBlog playlist on the Class YouTube Channel.

Here are the links to your blogs:

Odd Time Block 3
Odd Time Block 4

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