6th: Start class today by taking the test on the parts of the computer. When you finish you can finish your PowerPoint about the parts of the computer vocabulary or go on the web and do some reading or check out this site where you can create your own avatar.

7th: Please refresh your memory regarding yesterday's assignment by looking back at the rubric. The content that you need to have in your web is on the board. Take your time and make sure that your web is organized, accurate and attractive looking. The web is due at the end of class today. If you finish early, you can finish your Insane Eddie's flyer or create an avatar using this site.

8th: Today I am going to show you how to use Scratch. Some of you did a good job exploring how to use the program on your own but some of you thought it was free time. If you have any desire to pursue a career in technology you have to be able to teach yourself at times. Some of you have a long way to go.

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