6th: Today you should be finishing up your Inspiration webs for your story.

Before you submit:
  1. Make sure the title of your story is in the first bubble
  2. Make sure that your story makes sense (has a beginning, middle and end)
  3. Make sure that every bubble (page) has a picture
  4. Put your name somewhere on the web in it's own separate bubble
When you are finished with the web you can begin assembling your book in PowerPoint.

7th: Today you should be finishing up your iPod presentations. Remember to incorporate what we have talked about regarding background design/color, slide animation/transitions and timing. Before you submit your work, check the rubric to be sure you have everything and also conference with another peer (two if time allows) and make any changes they suggest.

8th: Continue your animations and submit by the end of today's time block. If you feel there is more that you would like to add to it, you will get a chance later down the road. If you didn't complete the word document from yesterday do it today for partial credit.

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