6th: At this point you should be almost done with your web and getting ready to start your story in PowerPoint. By the end of class today you should save your web to the V drive for me to read. Tomorrow in class I will review the basics of PowerPoint with you and get you started on your books. If you finish your web early today and have already collected all of your pictures from the web you can start your PowerPoint.

7th: At this point your presentations should be coming along nicely. Today I will review slide transitions with you as well as timing. Once we review this aspect of PowerPoint you will have all of the skills necessary to finish your project effectively by the end of class tomorrow. If you finish early move onto the extensions for the assignment. If you have finished both of the extensions go back and proofread your work in accordance with the rubric.

8th: Due to yesterday's shortened time blocks we really have to move quickly over the course of today and tomorrow. The word document which was originally due yesterday is due today. Scroll down to yesterday's entry for the link to the assignment. By the end of class tomorrow you should have your animation complete as well.

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