Today kicks off two weeks of CMT testing as I'm quite sure you know. This will present a challenge for us because most of our lessons will only be thirty minutes. In order to make good use of this time we have to get into class, read the blog and get started. This is a reminder for some of you who have been getting off task recently.

6th: Today we will again continue with our Inspiration webs. At the end of today's time block I would like you to save your work into the V drive whether you have all of your pictures or not. Tomorrow we will begin using PowerPoint together as a class. Here is how to save your work when you are finished: Click on File--> Save (this saves a copy of your web to your W drive one last time). Click on File-->Save As-->Desktop-->Class Folders-->Hand in your work here-->Team Color-->Children's Book Webs-->SAVE AS YOUR LAST NAME.

7th: Today we will review the basics of Microsoft Excel like entering and formatting data, using auto functions like auto sum and average as well as entering formulas on our own. You will be watching as I review these skills on the projector and taking notes using Microsoft Word.

8th: Today we begin our voyage into the wonderful world of HTML. The thirty minute time blocks will actually work well this week for what we are going to be doing because it will give me a chance to break up the web design language into easily digestible chunks. We will start here taking notes on the basics of HTML. There will be a quiz this Friday on the information that you gather today.

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