6th: Great work yesterday with your Inspiration webs! You have some great ideas for stories and I can't wait to see your creative side. After reading this entry, get started on your web again and when you finish you can begin to gather some pictures for your story. At some point towards the end of the time block, I will stop you and we will look at the rubric for this assignment.

7th: Excellent work yesterday with your presentations. Steve Jobs would be proud of you all!!! I was most impressed by how well you all incorporated effective colors and background designs after our discussion. Today we will continue to work with PowerPoint and we will discuss how to use slide animations the right way to give our slides a little extra life.

8th: I have to say once again that I am truly impressed with what I saw yesterday in terms of your scratch projects. Due to the fact that we have an assembly today and a short time block the word document will be due tomorrow. Save this document to the V drive when it's finished.

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