6th: Today we will take a look at some examples of children's stories to give you a better idea of what you are going to be doing for this project. I will also show you some stories which were done by students last marking period. Before we get started using Inspiration for your story outlines I will review what we did yesterday with the program.

7th: To start class I will go over how to change the background color/design for your slides and how to use the color schemes which are available. Before you get started with your presentations make sure you open the rubric and review it quickly.

8th: I was impressed yesterday with the way some of you started off your animations and hope to see more of the same today. Remember that by the end of class tomorrow you will need to submit a Word document explaining what it is you plan on doing for your animation. At some point in class today you should refer back to the rubric to see what a finished animation should include.

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