6th: Your books are looking amazing. Some things to consider as you continue working on them today:

  • Make sure you are not stretching pictures too much making them blurry
  • Proofread as you complete each page (It's easier than having to go back and look at a bunch of pages at once...use the spell check tool)
  • Use WordArt to make text stand out on the title page
  • Make your text more visible by increasing font size and color

7th: We will start class today by reviewing some of yesterday's Excel skills using this website. After we enter some data and use the autosum tool we will enter some basic formulas into excel and use the fill feature to complete our worksheet. Tomorrow I have a tasty little assignment planned for you that I think you will enjoy.

8th: White team we are going to review the answers to yesterday's worksheet and talk more in depth about HTML. Gold team you are going to fill in the worksheet that you started yesterday. After we finish with the sheet, head over to this site where we will talk about Document Structure Tags and and get our first opportunity to start using some of the tags.

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