6th: Continue working on your books which will be need to be finished for Friday. The people who started recording on Friday will finish up today. These people will help the next group to start recording today. Remember there is a rubric for this assignment which you can read here. Remember the directions for recording are in Friday's blog entry.

7th: Today we will finally complete the Skittles excel activity. The procedure for this activity is here. You are your partner will only need to submit one worksheet to the V drive.

8th: First order of business today is the HTML quiz. When you finish with the quiz there is an article I would like you to read in front of the projector about how the Nintendo Wii is being used with the elderly. When everyone is finished we are going to review what we did at the end of last week and by the end of class we should have a finished introductory page for our site. For those of you who were out Thursday and Friday there are books on the back table. Read pages 28-35 which outlines how to set up a webpage. Start on page 28 with the number 1 and follow along.

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