6th: Some of you will be moving on to the audio recording portion of the assignment. For those of you who are recording you will be in the room next door with Mrs. Baker. Here are the steps to record your audio:

  1. Click here for the shortcut to the audio recorder. (Drag and the drop the icon onto your desktop)
  2. Open up the recorder program.
  3. Click the red circle to record your audio.
  4. Click the black square when you finish recording.
  5. Use the slider to move the recording back to the beginning.
  6. Press the play button to hear your recording.
  7. If you like it save it to your W drive. If you need to record again, drag the slider to the beginning and then click edit-->delete after current position. Start back at step 3.

7th: As we talked about Wednesday we are going to complete an assignment today that involves the Excel skills that you have been developing this week and mixes in some Skittles in the process. Please choose a partner and get working quickly. Before you leave class today, save your work to your W drive and then also save your work to the V drive in the correct folder.

8th: We're going to review setting up a simple web page, which we did yesterday, as well as entering document structure tags. By the end of class today, you will have your scratch animation page all set using the following files and code and this website which allows you to choose HTML color codes. It's going to be copy and paste today and a few new codes that we haven't talked about yet. If we finish early, I will give you some time to review your notes for Monday's quiz. Areas of interest:

  • Document Structure Tags & why we need each tag?
  • Difference between a beginning tag and an ending tag
  • The steps to convert a notepad document into a webpage
  • Program we use to create web pages
  • How to view the source of a web page and why we would want to do that
  • What is an attribute?

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