All: The marking period ends April 4th. Today is an X-1 flex.

6th: We are going to resume our journey inside the computer today talking about programs. Thursday we are going to have our second test of the marking period covering programs, operating systems and files and folders. We will be taking notes today so when you are finished reading open Microsoft Word.

7th: We have a short week and I would like to use the four days creating an animation using Scratch. This will be an in-class assignment and you will be graded on how you use your time in class. Some of you will finish your animation by the end of the week and some of you will run out of time. For those of you who don't finish you can come during flex if you want next week. I will get you started today talking about sprites, backgrounds, costumes, the preview window and the paint editor.

8th: I am going to review text formatting tags today to start class. After that I am going to continue to check your animation pages. While I am walking around you should be:

1. Finishing up your animation page (scratch animation, clickable Graphic Text to enter site).
2. Creating a new notepad document (save it as index.html).
3. Put the document structure tags onto the index page.
4. Type your "about us" paragraph onto the index page (format the text using some text tags)
5. Put the buttons you created on Friday onto the index page.

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