6th: Yesterday we made some really good progress in class. A lot of you were able to finish up the book with narration (you talking). I'd like to get everyone to finish today so that we can watch them all tomorrow (we have a short block so we'll do what we can). Those of you who are finished head back into scratch and try to animate a page of your story. Import the pictures into Scratch as sprites and use the say... block (purple) to get them to talk and the move blocks (blue) to get them to move.

7th: Today you have the entire block to finish up the Fast Food Fun assignment which is due at the end of class. If you forgot how to save your work there is a video you can watch in the links section on the right. Remember there is a quiz tomorrow so if you are stuck with something ask a neighbor so you know how to do it tomorrow (don't just have them do it for you). For those of you who finish early try to complete this extension activity.

8th: I was glad to see that quite a few of you caught on yesterday. A few people even finished putting their "About Us" paragraph onto their homepage. If you have your scratch animation page all set (animation on the page with background color) you can move onto the homepage (save the notepad file as index.html). To start class I am going to show you another new tag which will help you add a pictures to your pages to increase the appearance of your animation page.

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