Today is X-2 for flex. If you need to make up work you should be thinking about when you are going to come during flex or after-school.

6th: We will start class today reviewing the program worksheet and talking quickly about why we have programs. After that we will move on to Lesson 6: Operating Systems. For most of us we use Windows Operating Sytems because we have PCs but there are those who use Apple computers (called Macs) and those users have Mac Operating Systems. We will talk about the difference today.

7th: We are going to continue to use Scratch today focusing on how to stack blocks and what the blocks actually do. If you would like to know what a block does before you use it click here and read the short description. By the end of class today you should have your letters on the screen and formatted (color, size etc.) and be ready to come in tomorrow and add animation and/or movement and/or sounds.

8th: Today we will continue to move forward with another new tag called the anchor tag. The anchor tag is used in three ways 1: link two pages together 2: link to an e-mail address 3: link to another section of a page. We will be using the tag to link from our scratch page to our homepage. After that you will have some independent time to get your homepage filled with content (stuff).

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