6th: As we talked about yesterday the children's PowerPoint should be handed in today. If you finish with your PowerPoint but do not get to the audio you can submit it for a grade and I won't take off points. If you do not get to finish your slides you can come during flex next week or after school. Also during class today I will be calling you up to see what your grade is and what you owe me before the end of the marking period.

7th: Today you are going to complete another Excel activity called Fast Food Fun. For this assignment you will need to be able to enter formulas and graph data which we worked on yesterday. This will be an independent assignment and will be due by the end of class tomorrow. We will also be having a quiz on Excel Friday which will cover the different skills that we have been working on in class. I will review what will be on the quiz before you leave tomorrow.

8th: Today in class:

  1. Setup your animation page with your animation centered and a background color. (Don't forget to use the br tag when you want to move your animation down on the page. I will have the code on the projector if you get stuck. Anything in bold you have to change.
  2. Begin your homepage by creating a new notepad document. Save the document into your company folder calling it index.html. Focus on putting your "about us" paragraph from your inspiration onto the page as well as background color and text color. Remember to use the color generator link to choose complimentary colors.

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