Today is X-3 for flex and I will be available if you need to come in and get some work done.

6th: Today we will be talking about the magical world of files and folders. When we talk about W drives and "my documents" folders and where to save your work we are talking about files and folders. This will be review for some of you but for some it will be something new to add to your technological backpack. Tomorrow we will have a test on programs, operating systems and files and folders. Before you leave today you will print your notes (make sure your name is on them) and take them home to study.

7th: After you finish reading this entry you can get started today. I will be available to help you if you are trying to get something to work and it isn't happening for you. Remember to use the help section of scratch to find out what some blocks can do. I've seen a lot of good starts and today I would like to see those animations become more focused. Answer this question (in your head) before you start today...what do I want this to look like when it is finished? This will focus your work today.

8th: To start class today I am going to show you some websites which were completed last marking period. I want you to think about where you are now with your website and what the next step is going to be for you. Your homepage needs to be complete by Wednesday of next week which gives you one week from today. Tomorrow I will put a link to the rubric for your homepaqe.

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