6th: To finish up this marking period we are going to work on one more Excel assignment in class. The title of the assignment is Fast Food Fun and the purpose of the assignment is to look at the nutritional contents of a fast food meal. When we get started you will use this site to get your data to put into Excel. On Friday of this week we are going to have a test on Excel. Before you leave today you should print out your notes to study.

7th: Today and tomorrow are the last days to work on your presidential infomercial. If you finish early either today or tommorrow you can go back over your work and add more content (stuff) about your candidate like how they feel about other issues or what is going on with them right now. You can also incorporate the other candidates into your presentation by pointing out how they would be an ineffective president if elected. Be creative and remember less is more on each slide.

8th: Today is the last day for most of you to work on your websites. If you have an animation page, homepage, products page and FAQ page you can create another page or you can do some research about some of the places we will be visiting in Philadelphia. Here is a list of some of the places:

Valley Forge
King of Prussia Mall
Lights of Liberty
Independence Hall
Liberty Bell
Betsy Ross House
Historical Gettysburg
Congress Hall
Christ Church
Carpenter's Hall
Franklin Court
Elfreth's Alley
National Liberty Museum
Madcap Theatre at the Old Visitors Center
Eastern State Penitentiary
National Constitution Center
Cherry Hill Mall

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