Monday, May 12, 2008


URL the address of a webpage Ex. www.google.com

Today you should be finishing up your iPod PowerPoint presentations. Remember what we have talked about in terms of pictures: they should not be blurry and they should not have a lot of white background color. You should also be putting borders around all of your pictures using colors that you use for text. For the text on the slides remember to be consistent: each iPod name should be in the same font on each slide and all of the information about the iPod should be in a different font. Remember to make good use of the space on the slide as well (minimize white space).
7th: Today in class we are going to begin using a program called Scratch. It is an animation program which was designed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). We are going to start class by watching a short video about Scratch up front and then I will walk you through the basics of the program. Ultimately at some point this week, we will be working in teams to create an animation which will be shown in class.

8th: After the quiz today we are going to begin the process of setting up our home pages. We will be doing this together as a class.

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